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  • Beautiful Smile for you within your budget

    It's your own choice!

    We offer variety of dental treatment method. You can choose any one(s) from our offering treatment options according to your life style, your daily life.

    In foreign country, we understand how much you concern of the cost for treatment. We have many options for you, so you can choose depending on how much you can afford to, or how much you prefer to get treated.
    Feel free to talk it out to our dentists. We bet you will find the best treatment.

    General DENTAL Care

    From kids to elderly, we do general dental treatment on cavity, cracked tooth, periodical diseases, etc...

    Home-Visit Care

    Sometimes, clinic visit is difficult for elderly or disabilities.

    Upon request, we visit at your home to do dental treatment.

    Cosmetic DENTAL

    Whitening makes your smile brighter! Consult our experienced dentists.
    We also do periodical teeth-cleaning.

  • Dental Treatment Policy

    • Teeth are your heritage

    Pulling out teeth is our LAST option!

    You might worry that your teeth is no longer useful when you have inside-exposed one(s) due to Big cavity, or when you have wobbling teeth due to Periodontitis.

    Talk to our dentists. We know how to make your precious teeth stay longer because we know your teeth are your own heritage.

    • Dentures are your friends

    Some are tired of annoying dentures just only because it is un-fitted, sometimes hurting it as well.

    But, you don't need to give up.

    Let us check your dentures, we have experienced dentists and skillful dental technician. We can repair to bring back smile to you.


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